Training and Lessons with Lara DeLorenzo
Without a solid foundation, everything else is just temporary.  Lara starts at the beginning with
groundwork to help the horse develop trust and respect.  From the first ride, to more advanced
maneuvers and collection, she always works from where the horse is at.

If the rider understands what the horse has learned, they will have greater success.   Lara offers
lessons in all aspects of horsemanship, from the ground up.  Safety always comes first, and riders
are encouraged to expand their comfort zone, without being over-faced.

Click for training videos:  
"Holly",    "Poco",  "Mack",    "Sonny",      "Taxes"

Lara is proud of each and every one of her students, as they travel on their journey to good
Click for sample lesson videos:
Teresa, Jeanette,   Nadia,  Sharon,  Jenny
Craig Schiavone